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It brings vivid dreams and enhances your intuitive and psychic abilities. Greater empathy and receptivity in your relationships will bring shared non-verbal understanding. This is a good eclipse to express your more caring and sensitive side by serving others.

January 8 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 2

Doing so will boost your self-esteem and personal satisfaction. Group activities and spiritual work like meditation will bring inspiring insights, greater self understanding and contentment. Saturn sextile Neptune brings material gain from spiritual pursuits. With hard work and a sensible, realistic approach, your dream can come true. You will understand your own limitations but will be optimistic at the same time.

This is a solar eclipse to gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual goals and how they fit into the bigger picture. You will show patience and self discipline without denying yourself or making sacrifices. Devotion and service to others will increase your spiritual awareness and understanding.

This aspect is also associated with finding or building your dream home. The January 5 solar eclipse has a generally positive influence because of a close alignment with the bright star Vega. A positive aspect to Neptune enhances the harmonious and optimistic influence of this star. So solar eclipse January is ideal for starting creative, artistic and musical projects. The solar eclipse conjunct fixed star Vega is also a good omen for starting or expanding a business.

Most new business ventures fail within the first year but Saturn conjunct the solar eclipse with Vega improves your chances of long-term success. Great satisfaction and fulfillment, as well as financial independence are the likely results if you take a serious, ethical and moral approach to any new venture. The solar eclipse sitting between Saturn and Pluto means serious business but also big business. Saturn sextile Neptune encourages this idealistic approach and makes it easier to turn your dreams into reality. I have been thinking about the eclipse and I noticed that on these dates there were eclipses making an aspect with my natal Jupiter and Juno, so I tried to recall what happened on those dates:.

Awful time emotionally. However I had to wait 3 months before getting some positive follow up. Commitment issues involved. Second part of previous eclipse. So my first thought is that it can bring some kind of breakthrough on the career side but could it also bring something positive on the emotional side due to the trine? And Saturn and Pluto bring a serious and good career opportunity as well as a positive and expanding emotional situation?

Just registered after having being mostly a passive reader and have some questions about the eclipse and your site too. First : I am curious as to what expect from this one. July Eclipse will be even more spot on for the following constellation , but here, too, the eclipse creates a golden trine to my natal chart — with eclipse planets trining my Venus in Virgo 11th H , and Saturn in Taurus 8th H , which seems very good and stabilizing — and would much appreciate it!

Fittingly — for the challenging Saturn aspects, which began 2 years ago with square to Pluto when I also had surgery then — I have lot of back problems and unable to do my art work atm. Yes, I am an artist, but I think I will not go into debauchary with this star, guess my Venus trine Saturn in my natal chart makes me more modest than my other aspects in my birth-chart might indicate.

January 8 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

Jupiter on Libra-asc. And yet a third question — is it not possible to comment here unless registered? Is there maybe a problem with the site, so that sometimes messages simply do not come through?

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Has anyone felt it. This is so interesting! But I never paid attention to single events like a solar eclipse. Now I know. Menu Skip to content. Search for:.

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    December 26, January 10, Jamie Partridge. Your sense of the future is perhaps a little prophetic now as you seem to instinctively know what needs changing. You are feeling productive and practical, but you are not ignoring your intuition either. Work can thrive, and research can reward you. This is a great time to overhaul or rework a project. There may be more attention to your work or performance now, and you seem to be able to put yourself in a favorable light, and business can benefit as a result.

    Connecting with a partner or with your needs and desires can be intense and exciting today, dear Taurus. It can also be a turning-point moment for matters related to beliefs, ideas, publishing, travel, or education.

    Capricorn Decans - Capricorn Rising, Decan Astrology

    This is an important time in your life for broadening your mind, sharing your experiences and ideas with others, and considering ways to explore new horizons, particularly with a partner. There is a real desire to make profound changes that last. There can be considerable excitement about an idea or subject, and others are extremely interested in what you have to say, teach, or share. Desires for increased freedom of movement and thought are strong, and this can be a time to reinvent yourself through new ideas, knowledge, and life experience.

    There can be tension and fear experienced in these respects, but also a growing determination to live a more engaging life. This can be a time for recognizing your need for more from your relationships or projects and activities, dear Gemini, and doing something about it! If your needs go unmet, use your intensity for something productive, as this is a time for transforming a project or situation and making it work for you. You can be quite effective and productive especially for revamping a project or planning out strategies.

    For some of you, circumstances may be such that questions of trust are brought to the surface, and self-honesty is critical now. Feelings and news now can prompt or motivate a major lifestyle change. It can be a cleansing and rewarding day whether you choose to sort out problems with others or take time to yourself to better understand your needs. Or, this can be a brilliant time for making changes in your relationships or breaking worn-out relating patterns.

    January 8 Birthday Horoscope

    There can be breakthrough moments in a relationship or with your feelings. There can be important epiphanies or advances now or a chance to take a connection or project to a new level. This is a powerful time to come in touch with your deepest ambitions and desires related to work, health, and home life, dear Leo.

    The potential for breaking new ground in a work or health matter, or for discovering a real passion, is very strong now. Relationships can be passionate and intense today and tomorrow. Your stamina can be substantial, or you could find every reason today to want to build it up!

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    • There can be a special enjoyment of, and pride in, your work, services, dedication, family life, and health pursuits. You may be seeing the more pleasing aspects of these things, possibly through the help or eyes of another. You can help this energy along by aiming to bring more harmony, beauty, or gracefulness to your work or daily routines. You can consciously work on putting yourself into a better light with excellent results today. You are motivated to share yourself more confidently with others and to get more time in to do what pleases you most.

      January 8 Birthday Horoscope

      Feelings of love are magnified today and tomorrow, dear Libra, but the same may be true of anger or frustration. Embrace an attitude of out with the old and in with the new on both material and emotional or spiritual levels for best results now. You have tremendous support for making a change for the better, particularly related to money, valuables, home, and family.

      This is a time for going the extra mile for something you truly want and believe in, and that may very well be an extra sense of security at the moment! This can be a day of much passion and intensity, dear Scorpio.

      TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

      Your words have a great impact today, and so do you! You instinctively know how to channel any excess energy effectively today and tomorrow. A moment of truth in a love relationship can occur for some of you now.