Compatibility between capricorn girl capricorn boy

As the Capricorn sits quiet, the Aquarian spins a world around them with words. The discussions are heady and almost feel like extrasensory experiences. These two communicate with senses others often ignore too. A wink, smile or look conveys a thousand words. Onlookers might find the whole interaction unsettling. The silent and private means of communication intensifies the Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility.

So, what are these gray areas that shade the understanding of truth?

Capricorn compatibility

Why is there a lack of trust in this relationship? It stems from the inability to see themselves anywhere together in the future. As for Aquarius, their view is not tainted at all. Rather, the Aquarian mind attacks reality from a different direction and method. Aquarius is social to the extreme, so they meet all kinds of people early on in life.

It takes no time whatsoever to learn of those who might hurt others. The emotional interaction between Aquarius and Capricorn is a bit bizarre. Anyone who knows these two individuals knows not to expect an emotional bond to be between them. Remember in the first Jurassic Park film, where Dr. When writing of polarity and astrology, what we speak of is energy.

This energy is also known as yin and yang energies. Every zodiac sign aligns with a yin or yang polarity. Balanced energies are influential on the success of the Aquarius and Capricorn relationship. Aquarius becomes domineering. Capricorn gets meek. Aquarius is pushy. Capricorn losses confidence. Aquarius is aggressive to excess. Capricorn turns passive-aggressive. The balance of yin and yang energies must return for the relationship to survive!

Aquarius and Capricorn are one zodiac sign apart on the wheel. The term for this position is semisextile. Since these signs are in a position that is quite close to one another, they a loving relationship is born. Or, they can also wake up and find the hate each other! If in a relationship it is safe to say the Aquarius and Capricorn relationship is getting along. In fact, they have common interests and likes. When hanging out together, they learn the likes and dislikes of their partner.

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Visit the house of Aquarius. Find modern appliances and lots of techy gadgets encouraging exploration. Visit the Capricorn born home. Still, it is in these differences that the Aquarius and Capricorn love match thrives! Aquarius corresponds with the Air element. The association bestows Aquarius with the potential for high intellect. It also makes them have a longing for freedom.

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Aquarius can prove flighty. The Earth element bestows gifts of durability and strength. She nourishes us with her crops. Her stubbornness and immovability make her dependable.

A Complementary Relationship

Translation: Capricorn is durable and strong. They expect their Aquarius partner to be immovable and stubborn too. When together, Aquarius and Capricorn are a force to reckon with for sure! Air can move with rapid motion, or it can go slow like the gentle breeze. Earth can move without warning, like a quake, or appear to not move at all.

Yes, we are talking heliocentric ideas here!

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

The point here is that even though the Earth is always moving around, we do not perceive it. It is an illusion of sorts, and one due to our perspectives.

Capricorn has this skill as well. The Capricorn-born can appear immoveable or inflexible in a situation. They can be aloof or stoic like the Aquarian personality. Or they might enter a situation after a period of quiet observation. Then they deliver an earth-shaking message and stir up a bit of chaos! The small mysterious side of Capricorn improves Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility.

So, how do the Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman fare when it comes to compatibility? How do they match up when it comes to emotional expression? What about intellectual stimulation? What about sex? Will the relationship make it to new heights when it comes to love? Or will they turn into a fizzled out falling star making its abysmal descent to earth? By now it should be no surprise Aquarius and Capricorn have a lot of similar characteristics. They get along with considerable ease because of the commonalities they share.

The Aquarius Man and Capricorn female work together as the perfect duo. If they are musicians, they are an unforgettable duet. What he dreams about, she helps him make it happen.


Having an enjoyable time and making the most of every moment. These are sentiments this couple share in the Aquarius and Capricorn relationship.

The Capricorn woman is a blast to hang out with, and Aquarius loves her sense of humor. She appreciates a nice balance between a cozy home life and a busy social life. A homebody Aquarius is not.